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Back Pain and Joint Pain



If you suffer from back pain like millions of other Americans, you might not be able to live life the way you truly want. Back pain can be very severe, impairing your quality of life in many ways by restricting how much you can work, stand, sit, or ride comfortably.

At Alate Pain Center, our goal is to eliminate your back pain so that you have the ability to live the life you deserve. We treat inflammation right at the site of the pain, eliminating your discomfort. Our minimally-invasive, in-office procedures afford you maximum comfort and allow you to get back on your feet sooner.

Patients seek relief from pain at Alate Pain Center for a variety of reasons.
Most back pain is related to injury or normal wear and tear associated with aging. This can resulting in inflammation and sometimes compression of nerves.

The following are the most common conditions for which we offer treatment:


Injury or normal aging can cause the discs in your spine to herniate out into the spinal canal, causing pain and pinched nerves.



Pain that radiates down the back of your leg, usually related to a pinched or inflamed nerve.



Compression of the nerves from herniated discs or other degenerative changes in your spine.



Narrowing of your spinal canal that can cause pinching of the nerves in your back. This can be related to genetics or degenerative changes.



Collapse of the bones in your spine (vertebral body) that is most commonly related to osteoporosis (low bone density). Vertebral fractures can cause long-term pain, permanent loss of height, and disability if not treated.

The treatments at Alate Pain Center are targeted at reducing the inflammation at the site of the pain.
This is performed by injecting anti-inflammatory medicines right to the location that is causing the pain. Using imaging guidance and technical expertise, we are effective at delivering relief to our patients.



Using image guidance, we are able to inject steroids into the epidural space, the area between the protective covering of the spinal nerves and bones of the spine, to calm the inflammation around the nerves causing your pain. The injections can treat acute and chronic pain in the neck, arms, back, and legs, and pain relief can last several days or even years.


A selective nerve root block is similar to an epidural injection in that steroids are injected to reduce inflammation. However, the injection is targeted to where the nerve exits the spine. Selective nerve root blocks can be more effective if your pain is more on one side.



Vertebral compression fractures can cause pain and permanent loss of height if not treated. In vertebroplasty, cement is injected into the fractured bone which leads to significant pain relief. However, vertebroplasty does not address the loss of height that can be associated with some compression fractures. Kyphoplasty adds a step by creating a cavity within the fractured bone, typically with the use a balloon. Once the cavity is created, cement is injected into the cavity which helps maintain the height of the vertebral body.



Damage to joints from injury or disease can cause significant pain and interfere with movement. There are many different conditions that can cause painful joints. Once our doctors at Alate Pain Center discover the cause, we can develop a treatment plan that will give you relief from your pain and enable you to live a fuller, healthier life.


Tendonitis results from an inflammation of your tendons. The most common cause of tendonitis is overuse from repetitive movements. The type of tendonitis is typically named for the affected body part, such as Achilles tendonitis or patellar tendonitis (Jumper’s knee).



Plantar fasciitis is the most common cause of heel pain and is caused when the plantar fascia becomes strained and inflamed from inward rolling of your feet, excessive walking, running, or standing, particularly on hard surfaces and other factors such as poor shoes and being overweight.



Bursas are fluid-filled sacs that help cushion the bones, muscles and tendons around your joints around the shoulder, elbow, knee, and hip. Frequent repetitive motions or positions can cause these bursas to become irritated and inflamed, which can cause significant pain.



As we age, our cartilage becomes damaged or wears away, resulting in from inflammation. In the end stages of degenerative joint disease, bones rub against each other, also causing significant pain and limiting the motion of your joints.


Corticosteroids are medications used to reduce inflammation in the body. Oral steroids can serve to temporarily decrease inflammation, but may not be strong enough to halt the vicious cycle of pain. Direct administration of steroids into the joint at the site of inflammation can help put the brakes on the inflammation, allowing you to rehabilitate the joint. Therefore, getting the inflammation under control is the key to recovery.



AmnioFix is an FDA-approved transplant material that is used to aid in joint regeneration. The AmnioFix material is injected directly into the joint or tendon. AmnioFix comes from the nutrient-rich chorionic layer of the placenta. It contains more than 400 different growth factors, which accelerates the rate of repair in the joint.

AmnioFix also attracts your own stem cells to the area of injury, which aids in joint regeneration. The US Department of Defense and major sports programs use AmnioFix to help speed the repair of injuries.

Because of its regenerating properties, AmnioFix provides longer lasting results than steroid injections. Maximum results are typically seen by 3-6 months after injection. Patients who have failed prior steroid injections have had significant decrease in pain with AmnioFix.
If you are having chronic joint pain, contact Alate Pain Center to discover which treatments are right for you. Get the treatments you need to decrease your pain and get back to enjoying life again.

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