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Regenerative Injection Therapy

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Regenerative Injection Therapy is a minimally invasive treatment for chronic joint and back pain. As we age, the natural use of our body causes degeneration of the joints, ligaments, and tendons. This leads to inflammation and causes pain. Trauma and injury can accelerate degeneration and cause acute pain acutely. Traditional treatments such as steroid injections can be short-lived, and surgeries come with their own risks. Regenerative injection therapy can have longer-lasting effects and help some people avoid surgery or recover faster and better.

Regenerative Injection Therapy Q & A

How do Regenerative Injections work?

Regenerative Injection Therapy uses various substances that help promote the body to repair itself and address the underlying injury/damage that is causing the pain. The substances are injected directly into the site of injury where they can do their work.

Alate Health Regenerative Injections

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) – The platelets in your blood help release growth factors that help your body heal. We use a concentration of platelets from your blood and inject them directly into the injured tissue. PRP is a less expensive option for patients.

Exosomes – Small bubbles of molecules and proteins that are released from cells, especially stem cells. They carry information that helps tell the cells what to do. Exosomes from young cells can transfer information to older cells to help them repair.

Stem Cells – Stem cells derived from the umbilical cord or placenta from healthy newborns can be used to help heal tissue. The stem cells have the ability to develop into the tissue that it is injected into and can renew the damaged tissues.

How long does it take to work?

Most of the regenerative injections take 2-3 months to show significant improvement with full effect occurring anywhere from 6-8 months. Depending on which regenerative substance you use, the result can last 2 –5 years and injections can be repeated once the pain starts to return.

The Alate Health Difference

What sets us apart from others is our ability to use imaging guidance to ensure we are getting into the right spot. As interventional radiologists, we are specially trained to use imaging guidance such as X-rays and ultrasound to deliver our treatments to the right spot. Sometimes, it may feel like you are delivering the injections into the joint space when you are really in the fat or soft tissues around the joint.

Does Insurance cover Regenerative Injections?

Unfortunately, regenerative injections are not covered by insurance. However, our goal is to try to provide fair pricing to our patients so that more people can benefit from regenerative injections. We offer competitive pricing and payment plans. Call us for more information.