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If you’re among the 12% of Americans with chronic migraine pain, you already know how difficult they can be to manage. Migraines aren’t run-of-the-mill headaches, and that’s why you need a migraine specialist who understands how the pain affects your life. Visit board-certified interventional radiologist Andrew Doe, MD, or Sandra Newberry, MD. At Alate Health in Houston, Texas, they offer the latest proven solutions for migraine pain. Call the office or click on the online appointment maker for migraine help today.

Migraines Q & A


What are migraine headaches?

Migraine headaches are a very painful form of headache that commonly occurs in one half of your head. Migraines can last for anywhere from 4-72 hours, and many sufferers experience migraine attacks a few times a month. 

Migraines often cause disabling pain and other symptoms, which is why 90% of migraine sufferers can’t work, socialize, or otherwise function during migraine attacks. 

What are the symptoms of migraine headaches?

The symptoms of migraines can include: 

  • Serious head pain
  • Throbbing or pulsing sensation
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Light sensitivity 
  • Sound sensitivity
  • Smell sensitivity
  • Touch sensitivity

Some migraine sufferers also have auras, nervous system symptoms that occur either shortly before or during migraines. 

Auras are typically visual distortions but can also include other problems like hearing nonexistent sounds, tingling sensation in the extremities, and other issues.

How do you treat migraines?

In the past, most migraine headache treatment options centered around daily or as-needed medication. But, you may want longer-lasting migraine relief that you don’t have to think about every day. 

That’s why Alate Health offers a cutting-edge minimally invasive procedure for serious chronic migraines. The SphenoCath® SPG blocking procedure targets the sphenopalatine ganglion, a bundle of nerve cells in the very back of your nose. 

These nerves play a big role in migraine headache pain. The SphenoCath procedure delivers medication such as lidocaine. This medication temporarily blocks pain signals, essentially preventing the sphenopalatine ganglion from transmitting pain signals to your brain.

What is the SphenoCath migraine procedure like?

SphenoCath is an in-office procedure at Alate Health that takes only a few minutes. You relax on your back while your provider gently inserts the slim SphenoCath device into the back of your nasal cavity. 

Your provider withdraws the SphenoCath device by a centimeter or so and then extends the internal catheter containing the medication. This sends the medication directly to your sphenopalatine ganglion. 

They repeat the procedure with your other nostril, and then you stay in position for a few minutes to maximize medication delivery. 

After SphenoCath for migraines, most patients enjoy fast relief that lasts for 4-6 weeks. You can repeat the procedure for long-lasting relief as needed. 

SphenoCath offers very reliable relief for chronic migraines and trigeminal neuralgia pain, and is safe for both adults and children. SphenoCath can help cluster headache sufferers, too. 

Learn more about the latest migraine relief in Houston by calling Alate Health or schedule an in-person or virtual appointment online today.